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Asbestos exposure has been conclusively linked to mesothelioma and other fatal diseases. Because the health effects of asbestos were known well before the substance was removed from common products, and because millions of workers have been exposed to the deadly substance, people with asbestos-related disease have been able to seek – and obtain – financial relief in the courts.

The legal process can be time-consuming and exhausting for victims of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses. And every case is different, which means there is no single strategy for accessing the legal system. Choosing a lawyer is obviously the first step in the process; after that, options will develop according to each client’s circumstances. A good attorney will guide you through the following steps:

Initial Meeting

Before any representation agreement is signed, an attorney will meet with you, preferably at the place of your choice – often your home. This meeting should be in addition to an initial phone conversation – if an attorney asks you to commit to representation without a face-to-face meeting, that should be a red flag.

During the initial meeting, the attorney will identify all possible sources of your asbestos exposure, including both the location of exposure and asbestos-containing products with which you may have come into contact. This is a difficult but critical task, so the attorney should use pictures and other means to make sure nothing is missed. A thorough attorney may communicate with your former co-workers or neighbors to help identify products which have been forgotten over the years. If necessary, the attorney may also place ads in local newspapers to locate long-lost co-workers.

Work-Up of Case

After the initial product-identification meeting, the lawyer will research and identify responsible parties that may be liable for damages in an asbestos lawsuit. These may include former employers, product suppliers or manufacturers. Many cases involve suing multiple defendants, so it is important to identify all potential defendants in order to maximize the prospects for compensation.

Legal Action

Once a case has been researched, the attorney will choose the best venue and bring legal action against one or more defendants, after which the case will proceed through the court system.


Most (though not all) asbestos suits are settled before they go to trial – companies settle at different times and for different amounts over periods ranging from several months to a few years. Elements of the case that affect the time it takes to settle a case include state laws (which vary), the interest of the defendants and their ability to pay, and the results from similar cases that were litigated previously. As settlement offers come in from each defendant company, your attorney will make recommendations to either accept or reject the offers; however, the choice to settle is yours, and a responsible attorney will proceed to trial against each non-settling defendant if that is your wish.


Your Involvement

Unless you want to actively participate in the lawsuit, including trial, your only involvement should be the initial meeting and a deposition, which is simply a question-and-answer session that will be conducted by the lawyers in the case – representatives of the defendant companies will have an opportunity during the deposition to ask questions about your exposure. Your attorney will be present at the deposition to protect your rights.

Our Track Record Benefits You

Attorney Robert L. Steinberg has co-counseled and been jointly responsible for more than $300 million in settlements for his clients and their families across the United States.

Mr. Steinberg’s goal is to obtain as much compensation as possible for you as quickly as the law allows, while minimizing your level of stress during the process. Mr. Steinberg limits the number of asbestos-related cases he accepts so he can give each client the time and attention necessary to build the strongest possible case.

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or an asbestos-related lung cancer (even if you smoked) and have not yet hired a lawyer, The Steinberg Law Group offers a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case. Mr. Steinberg will speak with you directly by phone and arrange to meet with you personally – at no cost to you – to discuss your legal options.

Mr. Steinberg and his team meet the most demanding standards of service and client care in the legal profession. He will be involved in your case throughout the process and will help determine the best venue to proceed with your case; exhaustively research your case to maximize your chances of financial recovery; connect you with experienced mesothelioma doctors to ensure the best possible treatment; and provide direct access to support services for you and your family in your time of need.

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